Fun At Work

Fun is a big part of working for Admiral Group. We celebrate as many events and occasions as possible. Admiral’s Ministry of Fun (MOF) organises events for everyone in the company and ensures there’s regular entertainment.

Our employees’ voices resonate with enthusiasm and gratitude, reflecting a culture of collaboration and growth. They share their thoughts, highlighting our lively workplace powered by working together and fresh ideas.

At our annual awards ceremony for 2024, we honored outstanding achievements, celebrating dedication, innovation, and teamwork. Each recipient’s passion and commitment exemplified our shared pursuit of excellence, inspiring us to reach new heights in the year ahead.

With an air of inspiration, our esteemed CEO, Milena, graced our office with her presence, igniting enthusiasm and motivation among the team. Her visit sparked insightful discussions, reaffirming our collective vision and direction. As she shared her wisdom and vision, her presence reminded us of the limitless potential that lies within our grasp.

With pride and gratitude, we reflect on our journey adorned with accolades that testify to our commitment and excellence. From industry awards to client testimonials, each recognition fuels our passion and drives us toward even greater achievements.

We proudly stand behind Salaam Balak and Utsav Foundation, channeling our resources to empower marginalized communities and foster positive change. Through our support, we aim to uplift lives and create a brighter future for those in need.

In our vibrant workplace, every festival becomes a colorful celebration of diversity and unity. From Diwali’s shimmering lights to Christmas’s festive cheer, each occasion brings us together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared joy. In this tapestry of cultures, traditions intertwine, enriching our bonds and fueling our collective spirit.

With sleek, modern design and abundant natural light, our new office welcomes innovation and collaboration. From the buzzing energy of the open floor plan to the quiet focus areas, every space is crafted for productivity and creativity to thrive. Here, ideas take flight amidst a backdrop of comfort and style.

MOF was set up in order to provide light hearted relief from the daily routine and give colleagues an opportunity to put forward their ideas for games or competitions. It aims to get as many people as possible involved in fun activities.

Traditionally MOF was centred around physical activities and games within our offices. A shift to homeworking changed this and in order to make it inclusive and accessible while our people are out of the office, it’s now run centrally.  There are monthly fun events for the whole business where colleagues can win prizes or take a few minutes away from work to enjoy themselves. As much as possible these events are interactive and enjoyable.