Our Culture


Our first pillar is centred on ensuring that everyone in the company feels involved; everyone knows what’s going on and feels part of a collective endeavour. It’s just as important that communication goes both ways, with people feeling that they can approach any level of management with an openness and willingness to share problems.


We ensure that there are no obvious signs of separation with managers sat amongst their teams on the floors so that everyone is made to feel equal . One of the other ways that we ensure there is equality is by awarding up to £3,600 of shares every year to everyone, at every level in every part of our business.


Staff are rewarded in terms of incentives, bonuses and in the form of shares. Of course, there is more to rewards than money. It is extremely important to us that we praise people when they do a good job – we give constant feedback and say thank you for doing a good job day in day out.


Our philosophy is that ‘if people like what they do, they do it better’ - staff are encouraged whenever and wherever possible to have fun and spend time with colleagues – this makes life more enjoyable and helps get to know each other better with team away days, afternoons out, Christmas and summer parties and regular competitions and ways to get involved as part of our ‘Ministry of Fun’ offer ways to do this.